TIJANA D. – Founder of Daly Dose of Health

Jackie has helped me come to a zen place where instead of feeling nervous, I feel confident and chilled out. I understand my prospect is the one who is going to be chosen potentially, and not the other way around.

I am no longer “busy” doing the things that use to be time vampires in my life. I love Jackie’s clear cut direction. I get actionable steps after each call.

My confidence in myself and my pricing of my premium programs has up-leveled beyond my expectations. Before coaching with Jackie I was very unsure of myself, my message, my ideal client, everything. But now that I have been coaching with Jackie I have more clarity, confidence and direction!

Jackie is a boss woman in a very relatable way. Her vibe is opening and her approach is effective. If you are a boss lady needing the support to go to the next level I highly recommend working with Jackie.

PAGE H. – Founder of iSocial Page

Seeing this flourishing plant (that was a small gift years ago) is living proof that when you love where you are in life, you will certainly thrive! I know, first hand, this is true after gaining my grip with coaching by Make It Happen Mack.

Now, I celebrate Mondays as much as I celebrate the weekend. Long gone are the days of the dreaded Sunday evening downer mindset!

If you need guidance on re-channeling your world, rediscovering your God-given gifts and converting day-to-day life into a positive place, you will see the difference with Jacquelyn.”

AMY L. – Founder of Bold Beautiful You

“Jackie’s no BS perspective combined with compassion allowed me to move quickly and confidently toward my soul centered goals and desires.  Before I started coaching with Jackie I allowed old behavior patterns to rule instead of focusing on what was in front of me. Jackie helped me to get clear on the outcomes I desired; as well as, how to calmly and quickly work through situations that were formerly riddled with anxiety and self doubt. I now handle situations with calm, ease and confidence.

My favorite part about coaching with Jackie is her style. Jackie held space for me to move forward confidently and quickly. Her guidance makes logical sense and appeals to my “thinky” brain while allowing and teaching me to break down old patterns and remove old stories so that I can now forward quickly and confidently consistently.

This growth has allowed me to move forward in leaps and bounds in both my personal and professional relationships. Jackie’s ability and methods have empowered me to see what is going on now clearly, quickly and confidently when it comes to decisions in my life. No more should I or could I any more.

I highly recommend working with Jackie. If you are seeking more clarity on how to live a life you love with a no nonsense approach, coupled with caring and compassion, and want to gain confidence so that you can achieve your goals in all areas of life, you will want to work with Jackie.”

JENN E. – Founder of Sugar Freedom Method

“Life before coaching with Jackie was pretty good, yet something was missing and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I am super clear on my business objectives and where I’m headed in the next 6 months and how to let the little stuff go.

Since working with Jackie, I now wake up very day and enjoy my life knowing anything is possible.

Jackie is a breathe of fresh air. She sees things from a different perspective than most which is needed when you’re looking for a breakthrough! Jackie goes above and beyond in everything she does and that was so helpful when I needed to work through some challenges.

I would absolutely recommend working with Jackie, she is congruent. Lives her truth and is an amazing woman.”

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Massive LOVE,

Jackie xoxo

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