Do you lack the clarity and confidence to LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS big or small? Do you have a burning desire that there is more to experience in life? Have you had a taste of success and you want more but not sure how?

I live to empower others to truly connect and align to a level where thoughts and beliefs ACTUALLY shift, all things are possible, everything is figureoutable and you get to align and BE wonderful amazing YOU and LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS, LIKE A BOSS.

I consistently work with the highest intentions to empower others to the next levels of CLARITY & CONFIDENCE ultimately living out a fully abundant life experiencing all one desires and deserves.

Here in this community we face our fears, release limiting beliefs and most importantly ALIGN to our truest and highest self consistently, with ease, flow, fun, fulfillment and the best part naturally creating FREEDOM on so many levels. I am your intuitive confidence, success & results coach, Jacquelyn “Make It Happen” Mack xoxo

Ok so now that you know what I am up to who is this fun loving, goofy, lover of all things that sparkle, lady  . . .

Hi-ya! I am Jacquelyn Mack, a fun loving and forever… Boss Lady, Believer, Intuitive Confidence Coach, Mindset Shifter, High Ticket Specialist, Soul Searcher, Success Results Coach, Adventure Creator, Lover, Light Worker, Learner & Dreamer

Early in my career I have worked passionately in the areas of high ticket sales, corporate health and wellness, lifestyle medicine, human performance, energy management (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), mindset training (shifting), stress management and graduated from a few coaching programs since my college years and my Semester at Sea Voyage where I was blessed to go completely around the world on a boat with 600 fellow students and faculty.

I have over came some traumatic experiences early in my life, so needless to say I became comfortable with the uncomfortable very quickly, even when I did not have the tools available in those moments  . . . like a boss I figured it out.

Now it took me many years and lots of trial and error but as soon as I embraced coaching (which causes transformation) with the courses I took (the information) my success accelerated with each aligned action I took with ease, yes ease even during times of challenges and stress.

I continue to this day to work with and study world-class transformational mindset & success coaches and implement not only what I learn but also what I create and use for myself and my VIP clients all while working as a contract high ticket closer and results coach with some of the top visionary thought leaders in the fields of business, health, peak performance, stress management, and digital marketing. Those you may be familiar with like Heidi Hanna, PhD. & New York Best Times Seller, Isaac Jones CEO of Designer Health Centers, Yuri Elkaim Founder of Healthpreneur, Rudy Mawer CEO of ROI Machines, Peir 1 Imports, Radio Shack & Linens and Things and the prestigious Isleworth Realty. Oh fun fact I even was at FlexJet for a few weeks fun story for another time. 

Now I am fully committed to live out my mission by intentionally empowering as many people possible to own their confidence like never before so that they may rein their life and destiny in all that they desire and deserve to experience in life.

LIVING THEIR DREAMS LIKE A BOSS, by living a life in alignment beyond even what one would think is possible in this moment or in the very near future and beyond.

Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable and never settling for anything less than what feels great and is desired. Together with my clients we co-create actually living and experiencing a life they love full of abundance and bliss even when challenged by growth, circumstances in life and the “how” seems unknown or even impossible.

When one finally knows that it feel like to truly own confidence the awareness of this is the key to unlocking all that is possible when it comes to Living Your Dreams Like A Boss. It’s a mental shift, a lifestyle shift and most importantly an alignment and way of being shift.

It’s no longer about that one dream trip, or one dream car, or the many things on the one vision board. It’s a way of being, feeling and living in each moment during the adventure or dream vacation and even after the novelty of whatever goal you set has been reached wears off. It’s consistently being in alignment when making decisions and living out all that you desire and deserve, consistently. I cannot stress this enough it’s a way of being, a practice used every single day.

It’s about waking up feeling excited about your day. It’s being here now and going after what your heart loudly or softly whispers to you. YES, learning and trusting the intuitive pull or push. It’s being true and you, expressed fully each day. It’s more about being and feeling than it is about rushing and obtaining. Co-creating and synergistically allowing synchronicities to work their magic in your life in all ways.

Want to understand and have support in your journey? Head over to our Facebook Group, Live Your Dreams Like A Boss, and start with the intention of being open to what’s possible once you start, and take that first step toward connection, clarity, and confidence.

From early age in life I knew I had a great urge in my heart to live out a mission that was of high service and truly life changing but I never knew exactly what or how until I started my own “shift” work and became obsessively passionate about mindset and manifestation.

Now before you roll you eyes, sweet thing, manifestation is happening all the time you just aren’t calling it that. Meaning you are manifesting what you are experiencing right now, yes all the good, bad and ugly. Now don’t get mad at me for holding the mirror up and speaking the truth. We manifest just as the law of gravity holds true and just as we are all on a “diet” meaning the food you consume each day is yes called your diet, it’s just some of us like to follow the latest fad’s and name our diets I truthfully like to stick with what works for me, the “Jackie” diet. That is a story for another time.

So I continued to go after all I desired and learned how to be unstoppable in doing what my heart yearned for. People continue to hire me to empower them to “Make it Happen” in their business and lives just as I have done for my own and many clients.

So early on in my life I was blessed thanks partially to tenacity to travel completely around the world on a boat for 3 months via Semester at Sea during my final senior semester in college, early on I had the “dream job”, the dream car (oh how I still love BMW), a few of my dream vacations . . . all in my 20’s but I was still not satisfied and truly fulfilled.

I had achieved what many call success 1.0 and did not realize that there was so much more to having an ABUNDANT and RICH LIFE full of experiences that felt freaking EPIC and not just the status quo things that everyone considered to be the “successful milestones.”

Why did I go down the coaching road to leave the comfort of the corporate world? It truly was an inner calling and a gift I had not utilized until over 13 years ago. For many years I just ignored the calling and the gift, because I thought I wasn’t enough . . . old enough, experienced enough, etc. That limited stinking thinking was a big fat lie (I believed at the time) and wasn’t serving me nor anyone else.

Plus I was truly sick and tired of seeing how reactive our society had become with their health and happiness and I wanted to help those who were “sick and tired of being sick and tired” or even better prevent them from ever being “sick and tired” in the first place.

I decided the proactive approach to having self worth, health and happiness was the legacy I wanted to leave and I was determined to find others who wanted to do the same.

What I have come to realize is that far too many people are: 

    • Stuck in work they no longer love or never loved in the first place
    • Stuck in extra weight (physical, mental, and emotional) they have been lugging around for too long
    • Stuck in relationships that no longer serves them
    • Stuck in the search mode of trying to find happiness and when they do it never lasts
    • Stuck in finding clarity for their unique purpose and passions
    • Stuck in the negative self talk of not being good enough and lacking self worth
    • Stuck in always lacking confidence to take action toward living a life they truly love . . .

They see everyone else living a life they love and just cannot figure out why they haven’t been able to do it too.

I could go on and on, but time is precious…. I have no doubt this is exactly why I was put on this earth, is to coach and serve others in finding clarity in their passions and purpose, understanding how to have courage and confidence (at any moment) to courageously take action consistently to living a life they love and most importantly deserve EVERY DAY!

When you can confidently say, “Hell Yes, ” to opportunities that light you up and confidently say, “Hell No” to those things that are not in alignment with you, then you are well on your way.

So think about this for a minute… the automatic programing your mind (software) and brain (hardware) have been running the body (computer) for many many years. Without a single update or charge.

Scary right?

We cannot possibly do this with our electronics, so why would we do this to ourselves?

Does this sound like you? Are you stuck in some aspect of your life? Health, happiness, purpose, relationships, abundance, lifestyle, love, adventure… you name it.

If you are NOT jumping out of bed in the morning (EVEN ON MONDAY) excited to live your life because you know that your priorities are the only things on your “to do” list and you are NOT living life by doing what you love with those you love, then now is the time to become aware that this old version of you is not serving you and it’s time to update the operating system and it starts with awareness and “shift work” with your mindset. Every time I have worked with a coach I have radically expedited the time it takes to live out the next up-level and transformation in the chapters of my life. It’s fun and exciting to reflex back on those times.

For MINDSET has EVERYTHING to do with ANYTHING you do. Yes, read that last sentence one more time. For MINDSET and your BELIEFS have EVERYTHING to do with ANYTHING you do.

Your mindset triggers your beliefs, which triggers your attitude, triggering how you talk to your self and others, triggering your actions and ultimately resulting in your reality and results. How you FEEL about those results cycles back to your old or new believes and this cycle continues over and over each day with each decision you make or don’t make. 

Not happy with your results? Time to change your MINDSET, your INTENTIONS and your FOCUS. It all starts with getting super duper vividly crystal clear on what you want!

Once you can grasp this and put it to practice CONSISTENTLY, that is when you can be and experience all that you desire and deserve. Wait no more!

I have also realized that I can teach webinars, do live videos, about how to get what you want and live a life you desire and deserve. But 90% of the time people will show up a webinar or one single “free”dom call and even though I share most of my strategies and secrets on a webinar or during a call, they have done nothing with the knowledge I gave them. 🙁

Why? Well there are many reasons but I’ll share two right now:

#1 They are still operating on their out dated software and operating systems

#2 They are like majority of the population are to busy “doing” … reading books, taking seminars and then going back to the comfort of their routines and never applying what they now know. So many people
KNOW better but through COACHING that is when people DO BETTER.
It’s shocking I know, but we have all been guilty of this, including my self in the past. Luckily I catch my self faster each time I up-level. 

So all of this boils down to choice. I wasn’t lucky or born with the platinum spoon in my mouth, I have been laid off careers that I allowed to define me, lost loved one far to soon in my life, had many tough challenging conversations no one ever wants to have so on many levels I can relate to the feeling of being STUCK on so many levels multiple times in my life early on, but not any more and NEVER again!

I made a choice and got super clear on exactly what I wanted, hired  and partnered with a few ROCK STAR coaches and experts, so that I would be equipped and empowered in being unstoppable with getting what I not only wanted, but deserved. I was doing this naturally so many times over but when challenges showed up the ones NO ONE likes to talk about or post on social media I allowed it back then to take me down for too long. But no any more and never again!

Look at the most successful people and athletes in the world they know what they want and they choose to have a coach to help them achieve their dreams and goals.  

Courses are great for information IF you know how to apply and will apply it to your life to get the results you desire. ACCELERATION of hitting those goals sooner, experiencing a richer life faster happens with coaching. Coaching is what accelerates the TRANSFORMATION you are desiring. If you have ever hired a coach you KNOW what I am saying here and if not, what are you waiting for?

Because I have invested and continue to invest time and money into my mentors and coaches, to learn and know how to best develop and share my gifts and talents. 

And because I have helped so many break through their limitations and mental blocks that have been holding them back from self worth, love, confidence, happiness, health, abundance, and so so so, much more . . .

I am a ROCK STAR when it comes to serving my clients and community and it’s all because my team and I are using the right science-based proven solutions and tools when it comes to updating our operating system, aka, our mind.

For we know that accountability breeds responsibility in order to reach or even exceed the results one desires in any area of life.

Like I said many times over, one of the problem continues to have a snowball effect, in that we are over stimulated and connected to so much information every second of the day with so much “noise” that it is easy to become completely disconnected from what is most important to us.

Our priorities, if we even know what they even are any more, get pushed to the way side and those dreams and goals continue to be the next year’s New Year’s Resolutions all over again.

It’s the definition of insanity, “Do the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”

Are you ready to up-level your self, your life to success 2.0 of truly living an EPIC life that not only feels amazing, but is one you wake up to each day truly ready and excited to live? Then book your “FREE”dom Call today!

I look forward to experiencing this journey with you.

Massive LOVE,

Jackie xo

“Make It Happen Mack”

Founder of Live Your Dreams Like A Boss Movement

Founder of Make It Happen Mack

Founder of Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions

Co-Creator of Mindful Weight Loss Method

As Make it Happen Mack, I live to enable others to get what they desire and deserve out life, through connection, clarity, confidence and calm; all leading to sustainable lifestyle change(s) in health, happiness, relationships, wealth, and performance with purpose! Dream it, LIVE IT! Why Wait?

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